The Story of Istari Digital

Our background, what we do, and our objectives

Istari Digital was founded with the vision of making digital engineering ecosystems a reality where all technologies are created digitally, free from real-world costs, schedules, and environmental impacts. We are building the world’s best digital engineering collaboration platform, making digital threads easy and impactful, and laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s engineering metaverse.

Istari Digital's team, led by recognized digital transformation leader, McKinsey & Co. advisor, and former U.S. Air Force and Space Force assistant secretary Will Roper,  has a proven digital transformation track record in both the public and private sectors.

At Istari Digital, we are passionate about our mission: democratized access to an engineering metaverse for all. Whether working with organizations pushing the boundaries of digitization, or first-timers unlocking virtualized potential, we love helping digital wizards find their power.

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Wizard of the month
Tony is an experienced professional with over 18 years of versatile expertise in service engineering, DevOps, SRE, and systems administration. Renowned for his superpower of finding solutions, Tony excels in navigating complex technical landscapes with ease and efficiency. His rapid knowledge absorption empowers him to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies, making him a valuable asset in any technological endeavor.

Being in Istari Digital is more than just a job; it's a visionary journey towards revolutionizing digital engineering. The ethos of crafting technological solutions without real-world constraints empowers us to innovate freely, collaborate seamlessly, and pave the way for a future where engineering transcends boundaries.

Tony Baqain,
DevOps Engineer

Meet The Team

Will is a lifelong intern of disruptive new things. Though he's old school at heart, his curiosity stays new tech focused. Digital transformation is his latest all-consuming passion. His superpower is his improbability drive. (Don't ask where he got it.)

Will Roper



Chris is a walking contradiction. He has worked at a 700,000 person bureaucracy (US Air Force) and has founded multiple companies starting from zero. He spent eight years getting too many engineering degrees and now spends most of his time talking with lawyers and reviewing budgets. His superpower is 'smiling while suffering'.

Chris Benson



Tom’s experience ranges from nuclear to space to SaaS to cyber to AI and digital transformation. He loves helping others excel. His superpower is his ability to join companies with paradigm-shifting technologies.

Tom McCabe

COO / General Counsel


Baha has worked in CAD, 3D printing, and geometry processing for the past decade where he built global engineering teams. He wrote 3D design software used by more than 20,000 users and pioneered a solution to automatically ensure 3D printability of any 3D file. His superpower is building great products by finding solutions to difficult problems.

Baha Abu Nojaim

VP of Artificial Intelligence


An expert in strategy and bridging business and technical realms, Sriram brings over a decade of experience to the Istari Digital team. With a passion for art, design and technology futures, his superpower is in punchy, poetic, or emotional storytelling – as the context demands.

Sriram Krishnan

VP of Strategy/IP


With over 15 years of experience in product management, software development, and system engineering, Dwight excels at bridging the gap between what customers say and how engineers meet expectations. His education in computer science and information systems has granted him the superpower of eating elephants one bite at a time through extreme patience.

Dwight DeGroff

Director of Product & Programs

At Istari Digital, we live by our values

Purposeful Autonomy

Our people self-motivate and self-organize. Team-wide trust makes us fast

Our autonomy is measured, goal-oriented, and results-driven – not meandering

Our flat structure and lack of meeting clutter empower individuals and teams to be proactive

Clear objectives help us prioritize time

Smart Transparency

We believe in honest-but-kind communication, transparency, and open-door policies

We love learning about challenges and tackling them early, not hearing good or bad news late

We share work-in-progress across our team

Fast feedback keeps autonomy purposeful

Continual Curiosity

We love learning to do things ourselves

When we make breakthroughs, we write them down

We ask, read, share, teach – even watch YouTube videos – to learn new skills to solve problems

Writing focuses ideas, helps us learn, and helps us share

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