Building the Engineering Metaverse

Empower the physical world with the digital™

Digital twins are revolutionizing industries from aerospace to agriculture.
Istari Digital makes them simple and more secure, unlocking models and simulations for better products - better everything. A faster, cheaper, greener digital future awaits.

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Image of Eric Schmidt

Will and the Istari Digital team are bringing internet-type usability to models and simulations. This unlocks the possibility of software-like agility for future physical systems. It's very exciting!

Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt,
Former Google CEO

Our Technology


Audit digital threads across users and organizations


Confidently collaborate across security levels


Empower distributed, multi-disciplinary workflows with ease

image of Dr. Will Roper

Software ate the world, but hardware didn't. Models and simulations that turn the physical into software remain mostly isolated, not digitally threaded with reality. Istari Digital technology is changing that, expanding the internet into a future engineering metaverse. Unparalleled innovation will follow.

Image of Dr. Will Roper
Will Roper,

Air Force Awards Istari Digital $19M contract to develop world’s first digitally certified airplane

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Wizard of the month
Tony is an experienced professional with over 18 years of versatile expertise in service engineering, DevOps, SRE, and systems administration. Renowned for his superpower of finding solutions, Tony excels in navigating complex technical landscapes with ease and efficiency. His rapid knowledge absorption empowers him to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies, making him a valuable asset in any technological endeavor.

Being in Istari Digital is more than just a job; it's a visionary journey towards revolutionizing digital engineering. The ethos of crafting technological solutions without real-world constraints empowers us to innovate freely, collaborate seamlessly, and pave the way for a future where engineering transcends boundaries.

Tony Baqain,
DevOps Engineer

Countdown to Will Roper at AIAA

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